Thursday, June 26, 2008


...looks so nice when the room is empty

This is the view from my desk, looking down the long thin length of the teachers' room. The British Council in Chiang Mai is in an old Thai style house. Creaky wooden floors and shutters. But is it as empty as it looks? About a month ago, I was walking across that very piece of floor you see in the picture when a 'ghost' moved through me - just at the point of passing the chair on the right. I am not Dom, I don't 'do' dead people... but that was unmistakable - the sense that someone walked through my very space. I felt where they began and where they ended. I sensed their puzzlement as they turned and looked for their ghost as I looked for mine. No malice, no sadness, no haunting "but I don't want to be dead"ness of the cliched restless spirit. Just someone going about the business in another plane or time, but sharing our space.

Altogether a rather lovely first contact with the otherside.

Holding on and letting go

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