Your new phone cost... much?In truth, Dom's shocked face wasn't a reaction to the cost of my new phone (Sony Ericsson S500i, 7,990 baht plus an extra 1,500 for a 2 gig memory upgrade). He fully supports my spendthrift urges especially when it comes to gadget aquisition. He has been "encouraging" me to buy a new phone for months and in fact it was he who made the actual purchase this time, while I was at work.

So this image has an element of poetic license (see quote/unquote) as it enabled me to introduce the new phone + photo-blog theme.

What actually prompted Dom's expression was me, post dinner (Art Cafe, Tha Phae gate. Her: avacado sandwich on 5 grain bread with cottage fries and a diet coke Him: Open faced chilli-burger and a large Heineken) casually playing with my phone while waiting for the bill . I scrolled through the functions, set the camera raised the lens pointed it at Dom and said conversationally (as one is able to do with someone with whom one is deeply intimate): "Oh, we have to go home soon - I need to poo".

So that's the face I captured...

"OMG you said poo!"

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