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New tattoo

I love tattoos. This is my fourth - a wolf and raven totem. The artwork is based on a glass sculpture by Alano Edzerza , a Tahltan artist. For me it symbolizes us. Dom and I. Wolf and Goddess. Got to keep him now.

Paul's leaving do

Those who haven't left. Yet.

Goodbye Paul, we'll miss you!

Paul is leaving. About time too. He has been at the British Council in Chiang Mai far too long. TEFL is a gypsy job and staying in one place for too long is unhealthy. You start noticing details like, how badly paid you are and how crap the job is. If you are going to get stuck you may as well get stuck in a regular life with a decent salary, a pension and all the 2.5 kids / mortgage accessories that go with it. If you choose TEFL you need to change the scenery often, ruthlessly and with no regrets.