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Soul mates

Sitting in Bangkok airport waiting to board the plane to return to England for my dad's funeral I was struck by the tenderness between this old Chinese couple. Admittedly grief had done the emotional equivalent of removing top few layers of skin leaving me open to every nuance, positive and negative that surrounded me. However this love touched me deeply. He had spread a newspaper over her to ward off the icy chill of the air con, opened his jacket to shield her eyes from the light and he held her hands, both of them - to reassure her that she could sleep, peaceful and safe under his protective gaze.

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My Self-Help Addiction

Today I am getting up close and personal with my self-help habit.  I have been looking for answers for years but seem no closer to finding them than when I first began to look.  Could it be that the search is futile?

Once a blogger

I was wondering, if you once blogged regularly do you always long for it? Time and time again I am drawn back to Imagine the North, although sadly - as the many false restarts will attest - I seem unable to capture the former magic.  I guess we have moved on (and away) from blogging.  The closest thing I have to it is Instagram.  Like ItN my Instagram account provides me of diary of partial highlights; but still, I miss the text, the insight (my own insight gained through the act of putting a thought into words, a small concept with a beginning, middle and end) and the comments from friends.

Anyway here I am again, giving the old corpse of my blog a tentative poke with a stick, wondering if it is too far gone to resurrect.

Can the US election make me a better person?

New video up about the US Election .

Everyone is talking about it but I hope I am bringing a new perspective to the table, albeit a very personal one .