Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I have a fetish...

...for stationery.

And like many other fetishes worth having Thailand is a good place to indulge myself. I am a real connoisseur too – I don’t just get turned on by post it notes, glue sticks, multi-coloured bull-dog clips and high-lighter pens I like it ALL.

For example these are a few of my favourite kinks: old-fashioned financial ledgers – lined for double entry, with lickable gummed labels and 100’s of individually numbered pages; full sets of graphite pencils that range from 9H-to 9B; manila envelopes of all sizes and sticky labels – round square and rectangular; acetate sheets for making OHP transparencies (though of course I never do that); index cards of all sizes (white and coloured); blocks of Chinese ink with grinding stones (and bottles of ink too, for the days you really don’t have time to make from scratch) and Chinese brushes with fake bamboo handles; pots of latex glue; and bags of plaster of paris and super hero rubber moulds; patties of polymer clay; drawing pins with transparent triangular knobs; gold rings for binding papers that look like pirates’ earrings; mechanical pencils with tiny boxes of lead of varying diameters; putty rubbers, ink rubbers, scented rubbers, rubbers for the end of your pencil, and retractable rubbers in the shape of a pen; craft knives that look like scalpels; tape of every colour and width - transparent, magic, glittering, canvas, brown gummed (for taping wet watercolour paper onto a board) and masking; staplers; holepunches; scissors; paper paper paper; notebooks and pens…

…and of course you must buy this pen to go with that notebook because that notebook absolutely MUST be written on by this pen and if you don’t understand that you may as well just stop reading now and wait for tomorrow’s post.

And of course in this also I have found my perfect match – for a kink is just a repressed and shameful secret unless you can share it with your lover. Thanks to Dom I own things I would have never bought for myself: a guillotine for precision paper slicing; a pencil sharpener that you can attach to the desk; whole entire POTS of pens; BOXES of HB pencils with unsharpened ends… yes you understand, when it comes to private stationery use Dom thinks like an office supplier.

We are even thinking of moving into lamination.

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