Monday, June 01, 2009


"Keep the paint up, and the rubber down!" Author unknown.

Tonight as we drove to dinner I tried to take a few pics that capture the sense of moving through the streets of Chiang Mai on the bike. I wanted to capture that because although I don't particularly enjoy it now I am sure it is something I will look back on fondly.

A drive through one hundred smells: rain-drenched tarmac, exhaust fumes, incense, dried squid, roasting chillies, jasmine, fetid canal, sun scorched earth. A drive through one hundred near deaths: the idiot on the Honda Dream talking on the phone, the songthaew driver swerving across lanes to pick up a passenger, the Isuzu running a red light, the boy on a monkey bike trying to scare the farang, the jealous guy on his girlfriend's baby pink Fino.

At least I hope it's his girlfriend's.

Right now I spend most of the time hating this mode of motion, the lunacy of Thai drivers, the stress, Dom's anger. But I know one day I will remember this and smile.

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