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Um Klim Kalika-yei Namaha

Rather than uploading an image from my phone today I thought I would share something I painted and then manipulated using a simple hue colouriser. Kali, the best goddess in the world for when you are having one of those "don't mess with me" moments - and every spiritual journey has those moments I am sure.

She has been sitting neglected on my draughting table for some months now. So I dusted her off finished her and took some photos (photos of paintings are always a bad idea unless you have good lighting, but I wanted to capture the essence rather than a faithful reproduction so I am willing to ignore the glare of the flash if you are).

I have an interesting relationship with my artistic talent, I neglect it horribly and yet I am proud of it. Proud at least of what it could be and too afraid of failing to really explore what I am capable of producing artistically.

Anyway today we have a glimpse of a side I usually keep hidden. Be nice or I will set my 'Goddess of Don't Mess' on you.

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Once a blogger

I was wondering, if you once blogged regularly do you always long for it? Time and time again I am drawn back to Imagine the North, although sadly - as the many false restarts will attest - I seem unable to capture the former magic.  I guess we have moved on (and away) from blogging.  The closest thing I have to it is Instagram.  Like ItN my Instagram account provides me of diary of partial highlights; but still, I miss the text, the insight (my own insight gained through the act of putting a thought into words, a small concept with a beginning, middle and end) and the comments from friends.

Anyway here I am again, giving the old corpse of my blog a tentative poke with a stick, wondering if it is too far gone to resurrect.

My Self-Help Addiction

Today I am getting up close and personal with my self-help habit.  I have been looking for answers for years but seem no closer to finding them than when I first began to look.  Could it be that the search is futile?


This is my Gratitude Journal - every day I am supposed to write five things I am grateful for in order to remain focussed on life's positives.  I got the idea from a new (very inspirational and thought-provoking) friend on Facebook, Marike.

I am grateful for inspirational and thought-provoking friendships.
The journal is a lined exercise book with a firm card cover, wrapped in a really soft cloth that snaps shut with a very satisfying way.  The pen is a Cross and has my name engraved in the centre.  My husband bought me both for Christmas.

I am grateful for a generous and loving husband who knows not only that a pen and a journal will please me but also that having my name engraved on the pen and choosing a book wrapped in soft cloth with the perfect snap makes the difference between a wonderful gift and the perfect gift.
Did you notice that they are green?  I find myself suddenly smitten with green, he knows that too - it is a relatively recent love affair, but he picked it up qui…