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Happy campers

At 10 a.m. today Lauren, Sarah & Jip (l2r) got in the office car laden down with spendy games, name tags, future board, twister, story books, a large yellow elephant and assortment of other items essential for a positive camping experience. If you are planning to go camping with 20, er 18 little kids bent on creating havoc and learning English in Northern Thailand that is. I wish them luck and hope they have fun.

Almost exactly 5 years ago my first mission for the British Council was accompany two other extraordinary teachers (Tash & Mark) and one other enthusiastic teaching assistant (Ju) on a similar camp but this time on Thailand's eastern seaboard.

So much has changed in that 5 years - mostly for the better (I have Wolf in real life now), but not completely. I was very sure of myself professionally then, now I am not. Although this uncertainty feels pretty scary I believe it is a necessary phase which will enable to me to move on to something new. People keep asking me what, but I have no idea - and I don't want to have any idea. I need to break free of this before I can envisage that, otherwise my that will be this in another form.

Anyway, today is my last day as Academic Manager at the British Council and here I am balanced between two camps. Balanced between the past and the future. A beginning and an end.


Maybe that means I am ready to start the 'now', the 'being in the moment-ness' that Dom manages to do with effortless grace and I battle with continually. I have long suspected that my moment is smaller and more slippery than Dom's - but maybe his 'moment shoes' have better treads. More traction.

Yes, I need this time to work on my soul soles.

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