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Taa Very Much

Ok this was an experimental post. Taa was showing me how I could actually send better quality images to my blog by taking a higher res picture. As lovely as Taa obviously is, I am not sure if those extra pixels are making a difference or not. I will keep experimenting.

Taa is incidentally our technology guy (not sure what his actual job title is). Being our technology guy is a thankless task, because he bears the brunt of all our complaints about slow net, faulty speakers and spastic IWB pens. He never takes it personally and always comes to work smiling (even when hungover), which is an amazing feat.

If I were in his shoes I would almost certainly burn down the building and stand in the smoldering ashes screaming "How is your bandwidth now, motherfuckers?!?"

So, thank you Taa. We love ya.

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