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The contents of my life (I'm back)

Well a year ago I decided to take a break from blogging and more recently made my blog invisible yet here I am back at the pixel-face with my arse out, metaphorically of course.  There are several reasons why I am back but the main one being that Dom wouldn't put me on his "A" list unless I am actively posting.

The second reason is Teh Vyx made me think, superficially about the contents of my handbag and in more depth about the contents of my life and in so doing I began to ponder what makes us 21st century folk decide whether or not to share bag/life contents with the world at large.

As you can see from Vyxen's post and the comment commentary beneath it we differ slightly as to whether, when one is showing the world the contents of our handbags, we censor that image.  Although I spoke out for openness I have been metaphorically censoring my handbag contents for a while now and I don't think it is working for me.

If one is going to broadcast one's existence on a public forum then it is better (within reason) to be open and honest than selective about what one chooses to share.   This is of course a broad generalisation and worthy of several posts, and so it is a theme I may return to.

But mainly the whole process of pondering the issues surrounding blogging, and privacy, and the freedom to be who we are without censure made me want to blog again.

Then again, perhaps it is simpler still.  Perhaps there are two types of women in the world:  those who take photographs of their tampons and post them on the internet and those who don't.
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I was wondering, if you once blogged regularly do you always long for it? Time and time again I am drawn back to Imagine the North, although sadly - as the many false restarts will attest - I seem unable to capture the former magic.  I guess we have moved on (and away) from blogging.  The closest thing I have to it is Instagram.  Like ItN my Instagram account provides me of diary of partial highlights; but still, I miss the text, the insight (my own insight gained through the act of putting a thought into words, a small concept with a beginning, middle and end) and the comments from friends.

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I am grateful for inspirational and thought-provoking friendships.
The journal is a lined exercise book with a firm card cover, wrapped in a really soft cloth that snaps shut with a very satisfying way.  The pen is a Cross and has my name engraved in the centre.  My husband bought me both for Christmas.

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