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From a plane window

From a plane window everything seems so simple.  Looking at the world from above rather than in I see how things are made; things like decisions and money and destinies.  I see how change is managed like a move in a game of chess.  Flying to Chiang Mai I had a moment, akin to the moment when Neo simultaneously sees the 'world' of the matrix and the code.  I could see everything... from the obvious, like land ownership and management, to the economy and even the metaphorical growth and transmission of ideas.

Enlightenment means nothing matters and everything does.

There is no right and wrong way to live, everything is valid and the key is keeping hold of that awareness - the flow of energy that is the continual transaction of life.  Then the plane descends through the clouds, macro becomes micro and complexity kicks in, bringing with it confusion.  Simple decisions become difficult.  I question, second guess and doubt myself until action becomes all but impossible.

Maybe this is why people climb mountains, not because 'they are there' as cliche would have it, but because  when you reach the top everything else is.

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