Monday, February 07, 2011

Glory Lasts Forever

More from teh stimulating Vyx, I promise I will start thinking of my own original post content soon but the gears are a bit rusty and besides she always has such fun ideas.  Here are the rules:

A penmanship survey! “The rules are really quite simple. Basically, you take a sheet of paper and you write the following: 
1. What’s your name/your Blogger name?
2. What’s your blog’s name/URL?
3. Write “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”
4. Favourite quote?
5. Your favourite song?
6. Your favourite band/singers?
7. Anything else you want to say?
And here are my answers:

Go take a look at Vyx's answers here and also check out her tampon collection.

Incidentally, I should probably mention here that I am following a different strategy for posting since my comeback, through necessity I am afraid as my phone no longer syncs via Picasa to my blog. So the commentary in my header is now a total lie.  It is still a photoblog made up of snapshots from my life but taken with my camera and uploaded to my computer and sometimes hosted on the northlands and sometimes uploaded directly here.  I can't decide what is best - Kim, Kendra, any other watchers... what do you do - upload to blog or host elsewhere and link?  I am just scared one day of logging in to a blog full of broken images.

Anyway, I need to change my header... I am not even in the North any more.  Meh.

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