Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Management

I don't know if the CID wear blue shirts, but EFL teachers do.  I have always had this mental correlation between my male English teaching colleagues and plain clothes policemen that I am pretty sure is based on the very tenuous idea I have that when they aren't wearing uniforms the boys in blue ARE actually wearing blue shirts.

I am - in D&D alignment terms - lawful good, and so I am predisposed to like policemen and managers.  And it is a predisposition isn't it? Groups of people (as opposed to individuals) are either good or evil, depending on you... not them.

I like these guys lots, but that is because I have known them for years - and not just a consequence of my natural (and yes, slightly sycophantic) fetish for authority.  I won't print names but they are our current Assistant Teaching Centre Manager (seated) and our two Branch Managers. They aren't normally this amusingly hard-at-work but were faking it for my photo - being more commonly slumped with their head in the hands and some evil financial spreadsheet in front of them.

Look at those post-its though - organization, we haz it.

Holding on and letting go

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