Thursday, March 29, 2012


I took this on the train from Nottingham to Glasgow.  It was a five hour journey and much of it was lovely.  This is somewhere in Cumbria, maybe Penrith.  I (and you may not believe this) was taking a photo of sheep.  The train was passing field after field of sheep and I thought "Cool, I should get a photo".

I rummaged  around (sheep sheep), got my phone (sheep sheep) held it up (sheep sheep) and took the photo (no sheep).  

And I swear I didn't see a single sheep from that point to Glasgow.

Well I exaggerate.  I got bored of waiting for the sheep to return after 10 mins, and put my camera away.

So this is a photo of an empty field, but immediately to the right - just out of the shot - there is a field absolutely packed with sheep.

The title stands. It's a metaphor.  Or metaphysical. Something.

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