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Free thinkers

This is a version of an image I saw on Facebook. The original was a bit wider, showed more of the room and the guys at prayer.  I loved it immediately.  The kid's playful gesture and fun expression instantly transcends barriers of race and religion.  In fact this gorgeous little boy had a message for me that transcended the literal message of the text itself. The original image had the text I included here but also had a logo bottom right which read "We fucking love atheism" showing it come from one of those rash of rationalist Facebook pages which glorify science and unbelief in any kind of God type person running the show. This  Pinterest board  is a very representative sample of their message if you have been in a cave for the past 18 months. I edited the image because I liked the photo and the message I didn't wan't to align myself with that group. I hope this little boy is a free thinker, and I hope those guys on their knees behind him are free t