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Holding on and letting go

"Life is a balance of holding on and letting go." said Rumi (apparently, I didn't check the source).  I find this is particularly true for me now. The struggle to maintain this balance manifests physically in the stuff we hoard or throw away, emotionally in the memories we revisit or forget, and psychologically in the habits and thought patterns we try to embrace or rid ourselves of. I am currently longing to let go... Of possessions, limiting self-beliefs and negative emotions. I wonder if, even in a tropical country my desire to let go aligns with the annual leaf shredding that is autumn. We let go in order to survive the winter and optimise new growth in spring. I wish I could tell you in more detail about the things I am letting go of because I think it would be therapeutic - but I can't. Wolf and I are good though, you have no need to worry.

Once a blogger

I was wondering, if you once blogged regularly do you always long for it? Time and time again I am drawn back to Imagine the North, although sadly - as the many false restarts will attest - I seem unable to capture the former magic.  I guess we have moved on (and away) from blogging.  The closest thing I have to it is Instagram.  Like ItN my Instagram account provides me of diary of partial highlights; but still, I miss the text, the insight (my own insight gained through the act of putting a thought into words, a small concept with a beginning, middle and end) and the comments from friends.

Anyway here I am again, giving the old corpse of my blog a tentative poke with a stick, wondering if it is too far gone to resurrect.