About me

Hi.  My name is Tracy and blogging has been an on-again off-again hobby for me since 2006.  I love the internet and I do not believe in irl v online.  Online IS rl just ask anyone who ever got flamed on YouTube.  Speaking of YouTube I have recently been trying to teach myself how to vlog - the results are hilariously bad, when they get better I will share them.

I am English but I have lived and worked in Thailand for many years, and I am married to an American.

I'm a stationery addict.  It began when I was four years old and my Auntie used to give me notebooks, pencils and carbon paper that she had 're-homed' from her office. When I moved from Chiang Mai back to Bangkok I had a 1m3 box full of unused notebooks.

Add to that an artistic streak that created a hunger for paints, brushes, paper, tape, stickers, art books and all the other accessories of a painterly passion.

I temper the need to OWN ALL THE STATIONERY with a belief in a minimalist lifestyle. Marie Kondo is my muse, and one day I will apply her principles religiously. Right now just having them as an aspiration prevents me from going to crazy with the material possessions.

I have two notebooks that I keep actively - one I use as a bullet journal and the other, my Midori TJ is a narrative (rambling) diary.  Yes I know I could, arguably should, have just the one. We can discuss that later.

I have a chihuahua and two cats.  I am a tiny bit obsessed with them; and I love wild things, especially birds.

Oh yes I have a job. I am a teacher, a trainer and I make mobile apps to help little kids learn English. It is a great job.

I am always trying to be fitter, slimmer and healthier.  Well not always, immediately after every slice of cake.  I am what the politically correct world considers 'plus* size'.  I enjoy the Whole30, going to the gym and yoga - but I love food too much for them to have any real long term impact.

So there you have it: blogging, vlogging, the interwebs, life overseas, Thailand, travel, culture, stationery, art, journaling (bujo and otherwise), minimalism, pets, apps, kids, teaching, birds, cake and my fat ass - all of these things are in this blog.

Also I am married to a wolf.

*Plus what?  Plus awesome - that's what!